Electricity & heat generated from residual wood

Especially in the Mediterranean region there are large quantities of residual wood in the vineyards and olive groves available. The material usually remains unused.

Why not increasing the value from it and generate energy? With this in mind, Spanner Re² tests a wide range of fuels for their suitability and develops solutions for using this fuel source.

As the tests have shown, especially the shape of the material is important for the operation of Biomass CHP with alternative fuels.
This requires a good fuel preparation. The water content should be a maximum of 13 percent, and the amount of fine material should be a maximum of 30 percent.

Since 2017, two EnergyBlocks produced by Spanner Re² GmbH in Neufahrn i. NB, which produces environmentally friendly electricity and heat from wood. One of the two turnkey container units is located in the residence Célinie de Crisnée near Liège and supplies a nursing home with energy. The building, which is being renovated, is located on a former industrial estate. In the near future, a nursery and other consumer centers will also be supplied with heat via a heating network.

The Re² EnergyBlock is a perfectly ccordinadet complete system, consisting of a wood gasifier unit,a combined heat and power unit and intelligent regulation.

Honduras is now benefiting from Spanner Re²’s proven wood-fired technology. Eductrade has been operating a Re² EnergyBlock since the end of 2017 and is generating electricity and heat from wood in a climate-friendly way. The wood gasifier and the CHP are housed in a 40-foot container.

About two-thirds of the Republic of Korea is wooded. The stock of wood offers great potential for climate- and environment-friendly energy production. For this reason, representatives from the South Korean Ministry of Forestry visited Spanner Re² GmbH - the world market leader in the field of wood-based combined heat and power plants - in Neufahrn, Lower Bavaria. 

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Spanner Re² - Expert of the year 2017

A new subsidy system may come im 2018 for the green island. So we showed our Biomass CHP at the Hub in Kilkenny. Many farmers and other businesses where interested in our CHP technology. All sizes from our small HKA 10 to our new HKA 70 have been from interest for the visitors. Even the use of woodgas as fuel for existing diesel generators was a asked topic. One more sucessfull step for Re2 into a new market.

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elmia wood 01

With more than 500 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors from 50 different countries, the Elmia Wood is the largest international trade fair for forestry in the world. It happens every four years in the forests south of the Swedish town of Jönköping.

The Spanner Re2 GmbH will present its biomass CHP at stand 309. The technology of using Wood Chips to produce electricity and heat has generated a lot of of interest.

Many international guests, such as forestry business, wood chip traders or sawmill owners from Mexico, Colombia, Russia, Poland, Finland, United Kingdom, Turkey, France and many other countries, had visited the stand of Spanner Re2 GmbH and got informed about the new technology of generating environmentally friendly energy from wood.

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The Japanese community of Kawaba and the forestry community Gunma can now independently produce electricity and heat from wood with the EnergyBlock from Spanner Re² GmbH. The Bavarian manufacturer have developed a complete “ready to use” solution which provides reliable and sustainable energy. The opening ceremony of the new EnergyBlock took place on May 9th.

The innovative EnergyBlock has been up and running since April of this year. The total operational solution includes Biomass CHP (Combined Heat and Power), coordinated conveying and discharge technology as well as a fully automatic wood chip drying plant. Due to the factory pre-installation and the ingenious "Plug & Play" system, the EnergyBlock started operation only two months after delivery.

The Biomass CHP has a power output of 45 kWel and 102 kWth, located in a 40 foot container. The electricity generated will be sold to private customers in Tokyo and fed into the public electricity grid for compensation. The resulting heat is used for drying the wood and for running a greenhouse in Kawaba.

This is a local project that will benefit the whole region. The community of Kawaba founded the company "Woodvillage Kawaba" to take over the plant operation and the wood used to fuel the EnergyBlock is generated only by local forest management.

"Kawaba´s total forest area covers 83 percent of the region. With this initiative, we want to push the progess of our community and to present a model for the further development of Japan", said Mayor Kyotaro Toyama at the opening ceremony. The pilot project of the community of Kawaba and the forestry community of Gunma has been well received.

"All the participants who are involved are excited, it’s fun to see the result - a solid technique is of course a requirement for this. As a manufacturer in Japan, we are close to the customer and - understand the natural environmental and social conditions. This understanding is jey to the success of the project and we will continue to focus on these factors for continued future success", said Dr. Oskar Bartenstein, Managing Director of Japan-based Spanner KK subsidiary.

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