Andreas Huber

andreas huber mit tochterAndreas Huber was determined to find an electricity and heat solution for his farm and buildings that was self-sufficient and cost-effective. In 2016, after a long search to find the best technology he invested in a Biomass CHP from Re2. The HKA 10 CHP unit produces electricity to cover Andreas´s own needs as well as supplying the power supply system which he receives payment for according to renewable energy law. The heat produced by the HKA 10 is used for heating Andreas´s buildings and also for drying the wood chip.


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Benno Crazzolara

familie craccolaraAbove San Casssiano lies the property of the Crazzolara family, a dairy farm at 1,600 m above sea level, which has covered its energy requirements with a Spanner Re² HKA 45 since December 2012.

Two drying systems for hay and wood chips, two holiday homes, the private home, an external garage with workshop as well as the agricultural building incl. cow barn get their heat and electricity from the Biomass CHP.

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Castleton Fruit

castleton fruit 03Castleton Fruit were one of the first businesses in the UK to install a Re2 Biomass CHP on their farm located in Laurencekirk, Scotland. They are one of Scotland's largest commercial soft fruit growers producing premium, high quality strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries. The infrastructure required to operate such a successful large scale fruit farm is vast and requires a considerable amount of heat and electricity.

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Family Oberbacher

 mg 1040Family Oberbacher lives in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. Their family has been there over 500 years working an agricultural holding that was once powered by a “Göpel” with oxen drive it. Today a different type of power runs the farm: the compact Re² KWK-construction “HKA 10”. Since 2016, the saw mill, a residential building with integrated maintenance area and the remaining machines and facilities are reliably powered by heat and electricity produced by HKA 10.

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Franz-Xaver Metz

betreiber metz portraitThe HKA 30 Biomass CHP was put into operation in August 2011 on the agricultural holding of Franz-Xaver Metz.

The Biomass CHP supplies heat energy to the large multi-family home, a workshop, two sloping floor drying systems, a hop drying conveyor and a pool. In addition to the Metz family, the residential building accepts up to 15 staff members over the entire year.

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Herbert Kiendl

piendl portaitThe agricultural enterprise in Etzenbach near Neufahrn/NB has been generating electricity and heat since December 2011 for the residential building, the calves stable, the workshop and a total of four drying systems for hay and wood chips.

The HKA 30 Biomass CHP has an output of 30 kWel. Herbert Kiendl can boast an average plant availability of about 98 % per year.

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Josef Braun, organic farmer

braun betreiberOrganic farmer Josef Braun from Bavaria’s Freising district is one of the first to operate a Spanner biomass CHP with an output of 30 kWel and 80 kWth. Josef "Sepp" Braun harms 57 hectares of land to produce feed for 22 dairy cows through organic farming. The 85,000 litres of milk are processed at his own cheese dairy, and sold at the farm shop. The heat from the biomass CHP is used to dry 25 hectares of clover, while the electricity is fed into the public grid, and remunerated in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act.

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Josef Pflügler

johann pfluegler portraitHKA 30 Biomass CHP was put into operation in August 2010 on the agricultural holding of Josef Pflügler.

Since then, the combination of wood gasifier and CHP has been supplying heat to the large residential building, a local heat network for 6 family homes, two sloping floor drying systems as well as a hop drying system.

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JS Baird & Sons

js baird sons 04Like many farms JS Baird & Sons use a considerable amount of electricity and also require a reliable source of heat. Based in Angus, Scotland, JS Baird & Sons operate a mixed farm including arable, organic sheep and cattle, chickens, organic hens and various renewable technologies. Always looking for the most environmentally responsible option, JS Baird & Sons became interested in Biomass CHP technology to generate electricity and heat for their farm.

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Straußenhof Roßmeier

DSC 0996The Roßmeier family, from the Bavarian town of Bäderdreieck, runs a 30-system biomass CHP, which commenced operation in December 2011. It reached 7,000 operating hours in 2012, and 8,000 in 2013. Along with a farm and boarding house, the family also runs an ostrich farm, marketing the meat through its farm shop. The electricity is fed into the public grid, and remuneration is paid in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

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