District heating

27.10.17 First indoor Show for Re² Gmbh in Ireland

A new subsidy system may come im 2018 for the green island. So we showed our Biomass CHP at the Hub in Kilkenny. Many farmers and other businesses where interested in our CHP technology. All sizes from our small HKA 10 to our new HKA 70 have been from interest for the visitors. Even the use of woodgas as fuel for existing diesel generators was a asked topic. One more sucessfull step for Re2 into a new market.

ireland show



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Commune Kawaba and forest community Gunma

referenzbild 500pxIn the spring of 2017, the EnergyBlock - our turnkey complete solution - was put into operation by the Japanese community of Kawaba and the Gunma forestry community. The output of the wood-fired power plant, which is located in a 40-foot container, is 45 kW electric and 102 kW thermal. The regeneratively generated electricity is sold to private customers in Tokyo and fed into the public grid for a fee.

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Commune Kwadacha

referenzbild 500pxIn April 2017, the first Re² EnergyBlock with a triple wood-fired power plant was commissioned. This is located in the Canadian municipality of Kwadacha - a small village with 300 inhabitants. The Canadian community of Kwadacha is not connected to the public power grid. Until recently, the electricity was generated exclusively by diesel generators.

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CORETEC - Résidence Célinie

werson 1 500px

Data about the reference:


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referenzbild 500pxIn November 2017, a wood-fired power plant with an electrical output of approx. 35 kW was commissioned of a project at the University of Forestry.

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Engelsberg, the organic energy village

betreiber engelsberg 02The area of Engelsberg in the market town of Lauterhofen (Neumarkt district, Bavaria) is focused on generating its own energy; its citizens are aiming to keep the cash and personnel flows associated with energy production within their municipality. A Spanner biomass CHP has been producing electricity and heat here since November 2011. The Engelsbergers supply heat to 25 residential buildings, housing 115 people, through a 1,500-metre-long pipe network.

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Münzinghof local district heating network

Muenzinghof10140 people live and work in the Münzinghof village community. Around half of these have a physical or intellectual disability. The aim is to provide these fellow residents with a familiar community, to work with them, and to help them develop at a personal level. The village consists of residential homes and workshops which operate based on sustainable principles. Businesses include a nursery, dairy farming, a cheese dairy, a bakery, and woodworking and metalworking shops.

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petek 500pxSince 2014, the transport company Petek from Kuzma in Slovenia has been operating two wood-fired power plants HKA 45 with a heat demand of about 700 kW. The heat generated from wood chips supplies a local heating network.

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Steinhausen local district heating network

wasler familienfoto 02The Wäsler family, which owns the sanitation and heating construction firm of the same name, has been operating a local district heating network to heat 13 commercial units and 27 private households in Steinhausen, near Glonn. The network is 870 metres long, and is supplied by a biomass CHP with an output of 45 kWel and 120 kWth. The generated electricity is fed into the public pipe network. The biomass CHP operates for around 6,000 hours a year.

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