State-of-the-art wood-based energy solutions

Do you have old power generators in use and would like to replace or expand them with a proven and reliable technology of the latest generation?

Then you've come to the right place!

Our Biomass CHP have proven themselves worldwide and generate electricity and heat from almost every natural wood. They are extremely flexible in their application: you can combine our wood gasifiers with an existing combined heat and power unit (CHP) as well as integrate wood gasifier and wood-fired CHP into an existing project.

Benefit from the plant reliability of our technology and increase your energy efficiency for a higher power and heat yield with repowering. Our combined heat and power plants require only wood as an energy source. It’s a sustainable fuel that is not only environmentally and climate-friendly, but also strengthens the regional economy.

Re² repowering in practice
Data on the repowering project in Germany:

  • Local heating network operators with good access to wood fuel
  • Starting position: a wood gasifier and CHP unit from external company from 2009-2016 was in use
  • Problem: existing plant did not work, no smooth operation possible
  • 2016: replacement of the existing carburetor with 3 x Re² wood gasifier, integration of a new control unit as well as conveying and discharge technology

As part of the repowering project, the originally installed wood gas generator from an external company was replaced by three wood gasifiers from Spanner Re² GmbH. Each with an electrical output of 45 kW, and extended by an efficient conveying and discharge system from Re². The ignition-jet CHP unit with an output of around 250 kW remained in place. A superordinate, intelligent control system from Re² acts as a communication interface between the new wood gasification unit, conveying and discharge technology and existing CHP units.

Thanks to the successful repowering project, a reliable energy supply can now be guaranteed. The heat generated from wood is transferred to the consumers via a local heating network. The wood chips are processed by the operator come from their own forest. With this innovative energy solution, the operator is able to optimise its added value and generate a lucrative source of income

 repowering 1 600px
The wood chips are fed to the three wood gasifier via a Re² multiple distributor. The conveying and discharge technology is manufactured by Spanner Re² GmbH and is optimally matched to the gasifiers.

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Our gasifier has proven themselves worldwide with over 20,000,000,000 operating hours. The patented technology is mature and can be cascaded due to the modular system design.

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For efficient gasification of wood, it must have a water content of around 10%. Fuel drying can be carried out, for example, with the waste heat from the Biomass CHP.

Combine Re²'s wood gasifier with a large combined heat and power plant (CHP) – with our wood-power-plant it is all possible!

Larger CHP modules with an electrical output of 500 kW to 2 MW can also be operated on a wood gas basis, both for planned projects and within the scope of repowering.