Waste discharger for cleaning the reformer

Impurities such as stones lead to unwanted burning processes in the reformer and to disruptions in the Rotary grate. If the stones penetrate further into the intermediate area of ​​the grate discs, this can also be a hindrance lead the grid rotation. Ultimately, the unwanted residue fraction collects in the area of the reformer soil next to the grid.


To eliminate any acute contamination in the reformer, your entire wood-power plant must be shut down and several hours of cooling time to remove this contamination. The foreign body discharge developed by us makes it possible to remove impurities in the running plant operation and before emergence of an acute consequential problem.


The waste discharger can be installed in all wood gasifier types except HKA10. The auger of the discharge system penetrates via a new inspection cover in the reformer and is located in the lower part of the reformer next to the grate, where the unwanted Residual material collects. By means of a small controller, the discharge can carry out the contamination in a preselected time cycle and place it in a swap body for later disposal.

At our customer Johann Huber, a waste discharger was installed 2 ½ years ago. So far every 6 weeks the reformer had to be cleaned of impurities. For two years now, Mr Huber has not had to clean up the reformer. On request, you can visit Johann Huber's new foreign body discharge during operation.


You can purchase the complete discharge system with control, conveyor system, inspection flap and waste container directly from us.

Action until 31.03.2020

Net price ex works: 2785 €

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Sincerely, your Spanner Re² team