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Production Biomass power plant

In 2020, the Lower Bavarian plant manufacturer Spanner Re² achieved a very solid business year despite Corona-related challenges. Turnover increased by 40 percent compared to the previous year.

Merry Christmas

Dear customers,
dear business partners,

We would like to say thank you: for the good teamwork during this challenging year.

HKA 600 - biomass power plant

Spanner Re² are experts of large-scale project planning. In recent years, Re² has positioned itself on the international market through numerous large projects based on wood gas. Among others the company has accomplished a 2 MW project in Japan, several large MW projects in Latvia, a 0.5 MW project in Ukraine and a 0.35 MW wood gas project in Austria. Follow up projects are already being implimented with existing customers due to the existing plants consitentlyrunning with high levels of availability .

Municipality Kirchschlag invests in new combined heat and power plant

Striving for a sustainable and at the same time economical energy supply is a central issue for many municipalities. This is also the case with the Lower Austrian municipality of Kirschlag in the "Bucklige Welt". With its innovative energy concept, the municipality is now playing a pioneering role for many communities.

Shredded pallets for energy production

Do you charge for the waste disposal of pallets? Spanner Re² offers a lucrative alternative for this, which on top of that reduces your energy costs. Our customer Thomas Schaper, who supplies his bakery with electricity and heat from shredded pallets, shows how this looks like in practice.

Fukuoka Prefecture / Japan

With 42157 km², Kyushu is the third largest of the four main island regions of Japan. In total, the Kyushu region has hundreds of islands. Full of volcanoes, great nature and history, the island region could easily have been chosen as a fantasy setting for Hobbit film production. By the end of the year, the Spanner Re² had successively delivered a total of 28 HKA 70 systems for regenerative energy supply.

Coconut fuel for energy production in wood gas technology

With an HKA 49, Spanner Re² GmbH is delivering the first wood power plant in Africa. Certain African countries offer great potential for available wood fuel that can be used regeneratively and CO2-neutral for energy.

Numchai's new hall for two Re² wood-power plants of type HKA 70

With over 32 percent, Thailand has slightly more forested area than Germany compared to the land area. The use of renewable energies from wood is therefore just as much an issue at the other end of the world as it is in Europe. In a few weeks, the first multiple system for generating electricity and heat will go into operation in the popular holiday area of ​​the Germans.