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Fuelling eletrical cars with power generated from wood

Around 25 cubic meters of dry wood chips are sufficient to supply an electric car with electricity each year. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy regards electro mobility as the "Key to climate-friendly mobility" worldwide - especially if the required electricity is generated using renewable energy sources.

Another large Biomass CHP project in East Asia
Ten Spanner Re² Biomass CHPs, including peripherals, will be installed at a major corporation towards the end of this year. In partnership with the Japanese subsidiary Spanner KK, Spanner Re² is pushing forward with another major project for power and heat generation based on wood gas in East Asia.

Wood gasifier produces power

Power failure means one thing above all: a lot of inconvenience.

Be energy self-sufficient by wood chips

Fueled only by wood, our gasifier systems enable you to become independant of unreliable power sources and be completely energy self-sufficient. 

Bioenergy village produces electricity and heat with wood gasifier

Bioenergy Village Engelsberg is energy self-sufficient

In 2011, Engelsberg, a part of the market Lauterhofen in Germany, invested  in a wood gasifier from Spanner Re².

“Innovation through research” seal in 2018 for Spanner Re²

The “Stifterverband” is one of the largest private science sponsors in Germany and has been honoring research-based companies since 2014.  

Fuel drying of Pezzolato with wood gasifier from Re²

The new video of the Italian company Pezzolato shows the perfectly coordinated complete system of wood chip drying and processing and the proven wood gasification plants from Re².

Federal Minister of Transport visited Spanner Re²

In March 2018, the Federal Minister of Transport, Andreas Scheuer, visited the Spanner Re².

Wood gasifier from Re² installed in Chile

Recently the new Re² showcase wood gasification plant was successfully commissioned at the Chilean company "Energy220".