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Wood gasifier from Spanner Re² GmbH

More power, lower fuel consumption and new intelligent control software: the innovative Biomass CHP "HKA 70" is the first representative of the new generation of Biomass CHP units from Re².

Electricity & heat generated from residual wood

Especially in the Mediterranean region there are large quantities of residual wood in the vineyards and olive groves available. The material usually remains unused. Why not increasing the value from it and generate energy? With this in mind, Spanner Re² tests a wide range of fuels for their suitability and develops solutions for using this fuel source. Electricity and heat from many types of wood.

EnergyBlock supplies electricity and heat from wood

Since 2017, two EnergyBlocks produced by Spanner Re² GmbH in Neufahrn i. NB, which produces environmentally friendly electricity and heat from wood. One of the two turnkey container units is located in the residence Célinie de Crisnée near Liège and supplies a nursing home with energy. The building, which is being renovated, is located on a former industrial estate. In the near future, a nursery and other consumer centers will also be supplied with heat via a heating network.

South Korean Ministry of Forestry visit CHP market leader

About two-thirds of the Republic of Korea is wooded. The stock of wood offers great potential for climate- and environment-friendly energy production. For this reason, representatives from the South Korean Ministry of Forestry visited Spanner Re² GmbH - the world market leader in the field of wood-based combined heat and power plants - in Neufahrn, Lower Bavaria. 

Georg Kuffer (photo), Head of Development at Spanner Re². The idea behind the electromobility project "aCar mobility" is to produce an electrically powered flatbed truck for rural areas in Africa for cheap passenger and freight transport. Seven industry partners joined together in this project, one of them is Otto Spanner GmbH."

First indoor Show for Re² Gmbh in Ireland

A new subsidy system may come im 2018 for the green island. So we showed our Biomass CHP at the Hub in Kilkenny.

Spanner Re² is awarded at Expert of the year

Awarded by Solution Publishing UK: Spanner Re² - Expert of the year 2017.

nternational interest in Holz-Kraft technology at Elmia wood.

With more than 500 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors from 50 different countries, the Elmia Wood is the largest international trade fair for forestry in the world. It happens every four years in the forests south of the Swedish town of Jönköping.