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After a successful inspection by DEKRA din en iso 9001Certification, Spanner Re² GmbH has fulfilled all the requirements of the quality management norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. In the appraisal, the business areas of development, manufacture and sales of wood-powered plants consisting of wood gas-powered engines and combined heat and power plants, and also of heating systems and peripheries successfully met the strict profile of requirements in all categories.

"Spanner Re² has just signed a partnership agreement in Belarus with IEC - Energy Company in December 2014.
IEC - Energy Company has already over 450 MW live projects in Belarus based on several technologies such as hybrid biogas gasification, photovoltaic solar PV and biomass gasification. Thanks to their experience and substantial market knowledge.

In the case of direct wood gas use, the gas produced by the Spanner Re² wood-powered system can be extracted directly after the gas filter and then be conducted immediately into the gas-fired furnace. The wood gas is combusted in the boiler by means of the active air supply, and then passes through the heat exchanger. A thermal output of around 150 kW is thus released to the water in the heater circuit.

The global success story of the Spanner wood cogeneration plant continues: After the strong growth in Europe Spanner has now opened Spanner KK, a daughter company, in central Tokyo to conduct sales of the popular plants in Japan and in Asia. The operations have started on September 18th, 2014, and will perform optimum service and support throughout the country and develop specific solutions from Tokyo.

Wood power technology is especially suited to the gastronomy and hotel industry, where there is a permanent need for heat, would it be kitchens, the guest rooms, or for heating the whole building.

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Spanner Re² GmbH has been involved in reforestation projects since 2008, including the Rwenzori area in West Uganda.

Within the initiative LifeCO2, founded by Spanner GmbH together with Rwenzori e.V., over 50 hectares of forest have been reforested. Now, another 14,000 trees have been added.

As part of the 1bukarest messeeingang 2014 020th trade fair "International Electric & Automation Show" in Bucharest, Romania, Matthias v. Senfft presented at the Congresul de energie si echipamente electrice din Romania regarding the theme "Surse Regenerabile de Energie" by introducing the Spanner wood cogeneration system to around 100 industry professionals.

In Romania, around 20 per cent of the people living in the countryside are not connected to the public electricity grid. The price for electricity is around 12 cents per Kwh; the average income in Romania is €390.00 net.

In addition to the Latvian towns Valka and Jēkabpils, the town Jaunjelgava now also relies on a large power plant consisting of ten wood cogeneration plants for heat and power.