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The British magazine "Business and Industry today" characterized Spanner Re² GmbH with the title: „Renewable Energies Company of the Year“. With this price, the magazine appreciates Spanner Re² GmbH for their work on renewable energies in the UK.

Dzintars Avatos, who is a plant operator himself and the CEO of Bio Speck SIA, gave a talk on how to operate a wood cogeneration plant ideally and how to dry wood chips efficiently. There was also a workshop on “Heat and electricity generation from wood chips” as part of the two-day event – this was held by Spanner Re² team member Martin Kurrer.

Back in 2014, Nick Helme invested in two HKA 45 wood cogeneration plants, which have been supplying Wharton Farm reliably with heat and electricity ever since. A year later he decided to install four more wood cogeneration plants, which started operation in November 2015 and each produced 45 kW in electricity output and 108 kW in thermal output.

Rwenzori e.V. works as a non-profit association with the aim of funding and implementing agricultural development projects in Uganda.

In close co-operation with our partners in Uganda, Rwenzori is building a secondary school, reforesting the Rwenzori mountains and, since last year, its newest project has been to establish an agricultural school. Further projects are in the planning stages.

Spanner Re² wins the 2016 ZLF Innovation Prize

The most compact wood cogeneration plant of its kind – the “HKA 10” – now also generates environmentally friendly heat and electricity with pellets. Spanner Re² was recently awarded the coveted ZLF Innovation Prize for 2016 by the Bavarian Farmers’ Association and the “Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt” for this future-oriented wood cogeneration plant.

On 4 days in September the National ploughing championships are happening. One of Europe's largest agricultural show expects 300.000 visitors. Spanner RE² is exhibiting their wood chips driven Biomass CHP there the first time.

Peter Oberbacher is self sufficient with electricity and heat by wood gasifier

The Oberbacher family’s Inn River Valley four-sided farmyard is located in the Bavarian Alpine foreland, bordering to the northern Chiemgau area. Existing for more than 500 years, the agricultural enterprise at the time of his great grandparents still actively utilized an ox-driven capstan. At that time the energy so generated by the movement of animals was used to drive various agricultural facilities. Thereby a transmission line shaft brought the mechanical power to the respective places of consumption.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology, UMSICHT, Institute Division Sulzbach-Rosenberg, is currently testing cyclone firing systems with digested residues. That concerns a specific firing technology, which is particularly suitable for biogenic residues and is applied where standard firing systems would fail.