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Rwenzori e.V. works as a non-profit association with the aim of funding and implementing agricultural development projects in Uganda.

In close co-operation with our partners in Uganda, Rwenzori is building a secondary school, reforesting the Rwenzori mountains and, since last year, its newest project has been to establish an agricultural school. Further projects are in the planning stages.

Rwenzori provides detailed information on its activities, the region of Rwenzori and its partners there on its website

Video: Reforesting Uganda Rwenzori Association (click on the picture to start the video)

Video Aufforstung Uganda

The Rwenzori Association is reforesting areas of Uganda with the help of the initiative Life Co² . In the past, a great deal of the Rwenzori region was deforested. This has already changed the local microclimate. The reforestation is therefore intended to bind CO2 in the atmosphere and contribute to the improvement of the local climate.

We hope you will be inspired by our project and join us!