Delegation from Japan visits wood gas experts Spanner Re² in Germany

A Japanese delegation recently visited Spanner Re² GmbH on the subject of "Renewable energies with a focus on biomass and biogas".

Future-oriented electricity and heat generation using wood gas

Renewable energies are sustainable and an elementary key on the way to a future-oriented energy economy. Wood stores solar energy, is regionally available and a climate-friendly energy source. It is precisely this fuel that Spanner Re²'s proven Biomass CHP make their own and convert the stored energy highly efficiently into electricity and heat. In this way, energy can be generated according to demand.

Wood gasifiers from Spanner Re² are in operation worldwide

Dr. Stefan Speidel, Senior Vice President of Spanner KK - Japanese subsidiary of Spanner Re² - and Matthias von Senfft, international sales manager of Spanner Re², led the Japanese delegation through the production of the environmentally friendly Biomass power plants. The delegation was particularly impressed by the high number of systems installed worldwide: Spanner Re² has already successfully implemented several projects in Japan.