500 kwel kaskade

Since March 2019, a major project by Spanner Re² GmbH has clearly exceeded the planned plant availability. Ten wood-power plants operated in cascade by the Lower Bavarian wood gasification manufacturer Spanner Re² GmbH went into operation in March of this year.

The scheduled mileage of the wood-based, CO2-neutral CHP plants of 7,500 hours per year is far exceeded since commissioning. In the large-scale project realized at the beginning of this year, Spanner Re² supplied both the proven wood gasifier and the wood gas CHP as a full-service supplier. The proven systems were shipped with overseas containers and installed at the customer's site within a few weeks.

The advantages of a large-scale cascaded project are obvious:

  • High flexibility
  • Great reliability
  • Demand-oriented services
  • Sophisticated technology
  • CO2-neutral energy production through wood gas
  • Simple logistics
  • Fast installation

An extension of 500 kWel in January 2020 is already under way, which is the greatest confirmation for us that Spanner Re² GmbH has also successfully established itself in the large power range.

Plant availability in kilowatt hours electrically in the period from 08.March to 30.October 2019:
Project target = 85%

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