wood-power plants of type HKA 70

With over 32 percent, Thailand has slightly more forested area than Germany compared to the land area. The use of renewable energies from wood is therefore just as much an issue at the other end of the world as it is in Europe. In a few weeks, the first multiple system for generating electricity and heat will go into operation in the popular holiday area of ​​the Germans.

Many manufacturers promise a functioning system based on wood gasification technology. Unfortunately, only very few companies succeed in developing a profitable wood gas plant.
Mr. Pfeifer, expert for electrical energy supply, energy management and cogeneration of EVIT GmbH speaks of 73 known manufacturers of non-functioning wood gasifier concepts. Spanner Re² GmbH is pleased to be able to replace an older, non-functioning wood gas plant in Thailand with two modern HKA 70 plants. A suitable hall was built in advance by Re², in which the two wood-power plants will be installed shortly. This first reference system from our customer, the Numchai company in Thailand, will go into operation at the beginning of 2020 and will set up a further reference system in Asia, which demonstrably generates electricity and heat from wood chips.