Coconut fuel for energy production in wood gas technology

With an HKA 49, Spanner Re² GmbH is delivering the first wood power plant in Africa. Certain African countries offer great potential for available wood fuel that can be used regeneratively and CO2-neutral for energy.


The plant that will go into operation in the coming weeks should initially focus on a test plant, which is operated with shredded coconuts. The wood-like fuels that can be used for gasification are moving now in a good range that stands out in wood gas technology. The coconut consists mainly of hardwood, a smaller proportion is fibrous material and thus an overall constantly mixed, woody fuel is guaranteed.

energy from eukalyptus projekt 20220

Another project, which is electrically in the range of 1 MW, is operated as a base with eucalyptus.
Test material will soon be delivered from the forest area concerned and subjected to a test run.
We will soon report on our test results .