Fukuoka Prefecture / Japan

With 42157 km², Kyushu is the third largest of the four main island regions of Japan. In total, the Kyushu region has hundreds of islands. Full of volcanoes, great nature and history, the island region could easily have been chosen as a fantasy setting for Hobbit film production. By the end of the year, the Spanner Re² had successively delivered a total of 28 HKA 70 systems for regenerative energy supply.

 Image: Kyushu/Japan  


Hinagu Biomass from Mr. Masaki Iwahara is planning to start up 28 HKA70 wood power plants in Yatsushiro in the Kumamoto Prefecture in an already built hall, which will be supplied with fuel by means of two automated large drying plants with dried wood chips . In advance, the customer got detailed information about large-scale plants from the Spanner Re² company. The entire project delivers 1.75 MW of electrical and over 3 MW of thermal energy in the finished state. The permanent, CO2-neutral energy supply of a greenhouse system is planned.