HKA 600 - biomass power plant

Spanner Re² are experts of large-scale project planning. In recent years, Re² has positioned itself on the international market through numerous large projects based on wood gas. Among others the company has accomplished a 2 MW project in Japan, several large MW projects in Latvia, a 0.5 MW project in Ukraine and a 0.35 MW wood gas project in Austria. Follow up projects are already being implimented with existing customers due to the existing plants consitentlyrunning with high levels of availability .

"At the beginning of our company history, Spanner Re² was known for its 'small' wood gasifiers. Thanks to the incentive of continuous further development and our great passion for this future-oriented technology, we have managed to successfully gain a foothold in the megawatt range with our technology", Thomas Bleul, Managing Director of Spanner Re², proudly announces. "In the development of our new HKA 600, we were able to make perfect use of our knowledge and our accumulated experience, especially in the area of large-scale project planning. After all, a large-scale project naturally has different requirements than the installation of a single system," Bleul continues. "For a company to be successful in the long term, it is always important to keep up with the times. That's why it was only logical for us to expand our product portfolio with a plant of this size", Bleul adds.

HKA 600 - The wood gas power plant of Spanner Re²

The HKA 600 is a wood gas power plant that contains all the necessary components like wood gasifiers, CHP, conveying technology and wood chip dryer perfectly matched to each other. The ingenious technology enables almost fully automated fuel logistics. This save time and money and make the plant operation efficient and safe. Only the storage bunker needs to be filled with wood chips. The other process steps such as drying, charging and discharge are automated and controlled according to demand. Electricity and heat are generated according to the principle of combined heat and power generation. Spanner Re² uses a combination of wood gasifiers and a powerful combined heat and power unit (CHP). In contrast to other CHP technologies, which are based on the combustion of biomass, the wood gas power plant does not require an intermediate medium. This increases the electrical efficiency and at the same time reduces the process chain to the essentials. There is no CO2 tax, as is the case with fossil-based large-scale plants, with this environmentally friendly technology. Also, unlike fossil fuels, the added value remains in the region, as only locally sournced wood is used as fuel.