In 2020, the Lower Bavarian plant manufacturer Spanner Re² achieved a very solid business year despite Corona-related challenges. Turnover increased by 40 percent compared to the previous year.

Plant sales almost twice as high as in the previous year

Over 80 plants were sold in 2020, around twice as many as in the previous year. "2018 and 2019 were challenging for us as a manufacturer of wood-based CHP plants", tells Thomas Bleul, Managing Director of Spanner Re². "The uncertainty on the market, especially in terms of climate policy and subsidies, has had a strong influence on our customers' purchasing decisions. Of course, the long-lasting low oil price is also noticeable, which not only affects us, but the entire renewable energy sector", Bleul continues. "True to our motto 'We make renewable energies competitive', we have once again increasingly optimised processes, especially in recent years. In addition, we have concentrated on positioning our technology in the large output range - which we have successfully achieved together with our committed and competent team", reports Managing Director Bleul.

Significant success achieved in the large-scale CHP project sector

A customer in Japan, who has already had ten Spanner Re² plants in operation since 2018 with above-average plant availability, is expanding its energy concept with another 10 wood gasifiers. Another 20 plants are currently being delivered. In future, the customer will generate a total of 2 MW of electrical power and over 4.4 MW of thermal power with the efficient CHP plants from Re². Further large-scale projects are in the pipeline in Japan as well as Thailand and Africa.