Our small biomass power plant "HKA 10" has proven itself in practice with good running times. As a result of the new low-voltage directive, however, further development work on the system is necessary, which we unfortunately cannot implement at present due to capacity limitations.

HKA 10 neu 03 frei 1200 web

We ask for your understanding that we are currently not delivering any HKA 10s and are concentrating for the time being on the further development of our HKA 70, HKA 49 and HKA 35 as well as the associated peripheral technology. As soon as capacities for the necessary low-voltage directive adaptations to the HKA 10 become available, we will resume development work.

From today's perspective, we assume that we will have capacities free in late summer 2022 to push ahead with the development work on the HKA 10. Of course, we will inform you about this.

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