CHP from 2G

More than 6,500 technologically advanced block-type thermal power stations from 2G are reliably in use around the world. As the technology leader in the industry, we are never satisfied with what we have achieved - so the development team at the Group's own R&D company 2G Drives is continuously working on further developing, in particular, the heart of a CHP unit - the gas engine. In association with Re² wood power plants since 2021.


Wood power plant from Re² with large CHP from 2G

  • Efficient operation and long running times thanks to excellent 2G motor quality
  • High reliability thanks to Re² wood power plant
  • Installation options tailored to your needs, in accordance with the spatial conditions and sound insulation requirements
  • Adaptation to the actual energy requirement, thanks to modern control technology in the power range between 50 and 100 percent continuously adjustable
  • Can be used worldwide thanks to the broad fuel technology of Re² wood gasifiers, proven with currently more than 900 systems
  • Less gas consumption thanks to the optimal combustion technology of the 2G large CHP unitss

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