energy from waste wood for a fruit farm

Here we introduce you to a customer from Spanner Re² who generates electricity & heat from pallets and other wood waste. He uses a simple shredder to chop his waste wood, which is then freed from impurities such as nails. Spanner Re² also offers a simple way to avoid foreign matter such as metal and stones in order to increase the running time of the plant.

A fuel is created

Our customer uses a double-bin dryer to remove moisture from his wood chips. The wood chips are then sieved again before they enter the wood gasifier. The fines are pressed into briquettes which can be sold afterwards.

Electricity and heat for the fruit farm

He uses the heat from the wood gasifier for his greenhouses, his buildings and to heat his homebase.

  Visit the video electricity and heat from wood chips for a fruit farm:

  video energy from waste wood for a fruit farm