Re² BHKW 70 kW

Rising oil prices and the CO2 problem - reasons that, more than ever, encourage a rethinking of energy production. With CO2-neutral wood gas CHPs from Spanner Re², there is an alternative: Generate decentralized electricity and heat for your company from wood.

Annual savings of 160,000 liters of diesel are possible with diesel units

Wood power plants from Spanner Re² GmbH use the naturally grown fuel wood. During its growth, a tree binds more CO2 than is released again during the pyrolysis process of the wood gas technology - this means that the generation of energy using wood gas becomes an overall CO2-neutral process. A highly attractive investment and the fact that you use your own electricity!

HKA70 wood power plants as part of an existing diesel unit save 160,000 liters of diesel per year! 

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