Generator 375 kva

Diesel aggregate with 400 kW electrical output is supported in the
base load by two HKA70

For better understanding, a capacity utilization of 100% per year was calculated.

Diesel generator for power generation:

- Consumption 100 liters/hour
- Fuel diesel or fuel oil
- Active electrical power 400 kW

At full capacity, consumption would be around
876,000 liters of heating oil or diesel per year.

In Alaska, the price of diesel is currently around $1.36.
The pure fuel costs for a generator set operated in Alaska like the
current example would be approx

Fuel cost $1,191,360 per year

Use of two HKA70 wood-fired power plants from Spanner Re² GmbH to
cover the base load:

- 2 x HKA70, each with 68 kW electrical power
- 136 kW el cover 34% of the base load of the generator
- consumption HKA70 with 55.1 kg/h
- Consumption of 2 HKA70 with approx. 965 tons per year
- fuel wood chips

The wood chips can be dried with the waste heat from the wood-power plants.
At $85/ton of chips in the Alaskan area
the fuel cost would be approximately $82,000 per year.

That's a savings of approximately $347,000 per year