CO2-neutral energy for mafia island

Mafia Island is an insider tip among travel lovers when heading to Tanzania. Along with tourism, rural Sowoe forestry is one of the dominant branches of industry on the island. Above all, coconut and cashew nut plantations determine the vegetation of the industrious islanders. The valuable wood is also used in the furniture industry.

Spanner Re² is therefore pleased to have put an HKA 49 system into operation at a farm on Mafia Island in 2021. The company, which has its own sawmill, mainly processes coconut palms into furniture wood, with the residual wood being shredded with other wood waste and used as fuel to generate electricity. The heat generated during the wood gasification process is used to dry the self-produced wood chips. The wood gas technology can thus make a contemporary contribution to the generation of CO2-neutral energy in Tanzania.


Here you can see the video about the energy concept of the agricultural and forestry business on Mafia Island:

  johann huber video