HKA 300 biomass power plant

With the two new plant models, Re² is expanding its product portfolio in the large-scale plant sector. The HKA 300 consists of one engine and four wood gasifiers and the HKA 700 of one engine and 10 gasifiers. The modular  gas power plants can be scaled up to several megawatts as required and are supplied as complete plants, including peripherals such as fuel drying, suitable discharge and conveying technology, and intelligent control technology.

Wood gas power plants from Re² supply clean energy 24/7

The energy market is in a state of upheaval. Gas shortages as well as ambitious climate targets require technologies that deliver reliable and environmentally friendly energy. This is possible with the highly efficient biomass power plants from Re²: They generate electricity and heat from wood or wood residues according to the principle of combined heat and power. Energy is also generated during maintenance work thanks to the modular plant design. Thus, as is the case with a conventional large-scale plant, there are no expensive downtimes. In addition, Re² plants offer maximum flexibility in the event of fluctuating output requirements and in terms of fuels. Re² plants do not require premium wood, but, for example, sustainably convert wood from thinning, beetle wood or wood from industrial processing steps into electricity and heat.

Wide range of applications for biomass power plants from Re²

In practice, the biomass power plants also impress with their fast project implementation - all components are perfectly matched to each other and have been developed to meet customer requirements. An HKA 300 has already been in operation for 20,000 hours in the Fulda area in Germany, supplying a local heating network with reliable and climate-friendly energy.

Two more HKA 300 systems are currently being produced at the base of Spanner Re² GmbH and will soon be delivered to Slovenia and France. The decentralized wood gas power plants "HKA 300" with a power range of approx. 300 kW electric as well as over 500 kW thermal are ideally suited for supplying local heating networks, wood processing companies or wellness resorts. The "HKA 700" with a power range of approx. 700 kW electric and over 800 kW thermal enables industrial companies to offer a CO2-neutral energy solution, where they can also significantly reduce their operating costs by using their own electricity. Both plant models are scalable to meet higher energy requirements or offer the option of expansion should demand change. "With these plant types, we are responding to the steadily growing demand from commercial, large-scale and industrial customers," says Günther Seifert, the project manager responsible for large-scale plants at Spanner Re² GmbH.