Sensational runtimes of the CHP plants at the Kirchschlag CHP plant with over 93%

Since 2020, five wood-fired power plants from Spanner Re² GmbH with a total output of 340 kilowatts of electricity and 615 kilowatts of thermal energy have been in operation in the Kirchschlag municipality's combined heat and power plant, which was built specifically for the project. The proven Re² systems produce electricity and heat according to the principle of combined heat and power (CHP). A thermochemical process is used to generate a particularly clean wood gas from wood chips, which is converted into electricity in a downstream combined heat and power unit (CHP). The plants have produced around 7,500 megawatt hours of electricity and over 16,000 megawatt hours of heat since 2020 (Stand 06/2023). With over 23,400 operating hours per plant, plant availability since commissioning is over 93 per cent, which significantly exceeds the municipality's 85 per cent target.

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The goal of the municipality of Kirchschlag was clear in the decision-making process: they want a climate and environmentally friendly energy solution that keeps the added value in the region. Thus, the choice of the future energy source fell on the local and renewable resource wood. In order to make the best possible use of this fuel, the community leaders opted for a technology that can produce both electricity and heat from wood chips and not just heat, as is the case with a conventional heating plant.


In 2023, another Re² CHP plant will go into operation at the Kirchschlag CHP plant

In 2023, the municipality of Kirchschlag will expand its exemplary energy concept with another HKA 70 system from Spanner Re² GmbH. The modular design of the system, which the Lower Bavarian system manufacturer has been promoting since the beginning of the company, allows for 24/7 energy supply - even during parallel maintenance work. "Currently, the sixth wood-fired power plant for the combined heat and power plant of the municipality of Kirchschlag is being manufactured at the Lower Bavarian plant of Spanner Re² GmbH, which will soon be delivered to the Bucklige Welt," Buchegger continues.

Technical refinements of the Re² systems that convince: Post-reformer additionally increases efficiency

Another technical refinement is the post-reformer integrated into the systems. This converts the coal produced during the wood gasification process into ash in a highly efficient manner. This increases the efficiency due to further waste heat utilisation and reduces the residual material to a minimum.

Municipality of Kirschlag takes on a pioneering role

"The project in Kirchschlag is exemplary for sustainable energy production," reports Bernhard Seiler, Sales Manager at Spanner Re². "We are pleased to be able to contribute our many years of know-how and our sophisticated technology to this highly interesting project and to have been involved in it for several years now," Seiler continues.

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