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Wood gasifier casacde supply heating plant in Furth

Since 2012, two wood gasifiers from the plant manufacturer Spanner Re² GmbH in Furth near Landshut have been in operation, which additionally supply a biomass heating plant with heat energy. The systems, which are connected in cascade and can be operated both in parallel and independently of each other, supply energy when the consumers need it.

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Biomass CHP plant manufacturer Spanner Re² currently offers exclusive All-inclusive jubilee package

Spanner Re² was put its first wood gasifier into operation in 2008.  On the occasion of this auspicious anniversary, the manufacturer is celebrating by offering an exclusive All-inclusive package.

picture all inclusive jubilee package spanner re gmbh

Fuelling electric cars with power generates from wood gasifier

Spanner Re²’s “wood-power plants” generate electricity and energy from all natural wood types. Plant operators can make themselves energy-independent and use the electricity generated to power their electric car. 

Large Biomass CHP project in Japan
Ten Spanner Re² Biomass CHPs, including peripherals, will be installed at a major corporation towards the end of this year. In partnership with the Japanese subsidiary Spanner KK, Spanner Re² is pushing forward with another major project for power and heat generation based on wood gas in East Asia.

Village produces bioenergy from wood

In 2011, Engelsberg, a part of the market Lauterhofen, invested  in a wood gasifier from Spanner Re². After more than six years of operation, the Spanner Re² Biomass CHP “HKA 30“ has provided the bioenergy village a satisfactory income from: producing more than 1.5 million kW of electricity and 3.6 million kW of heat  – all from reginally  sourced wood chips.

Project visualisation of the 25 Biomass CHP units of Re².

25 Biomass CHP units from the German plant manufacturer Spanner Re² GmbH will go into operation in Japan towards the end of this year. In close cooperation with its Japanese subsidiary Spanner KK, Re² is implementing another major project for combined power and heat generation by using wood.

The leading plant manufacturer Spanner Re² GmbH from Germany is launching a new wood-based Biomass CHP on the market. With around 68 kWel and 130 kWth, the plant is highly efficient and generates climate-friendly electricity and heat from wood chips.

17 11 24 spanner 039 bhkw

  • Intelligent power generation and control enables medium-sized companies to sustainably optimize their own electricity consumption - an important milestone in optimizing the energy balance
  • Capping peak loads reduces the complete energy costs
  • In addition, Digital Energy Solutions moves forward with island capability enabling energy self-sufficiency for their customer Spanner Re²