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  • Intelligent power generation and control enables medium-sized companies to sustainably optimize their own electricity consumption - an important milestone in optimizing the energy balance
  • Capping peak loads reduces the complete energy costs
  • In addition, Digital Energy Solutions moves forward with island capability enabling energy self-sufficiency for their customer Spanner Re²



Munich, December 6, 2017 Digital Energy Solutions, a joint venture between the BMW Group and the Viessmann Group, has launched a pilot project to optimize total energy consumption at Spanner Re², the leading manufacturer of wood-based combined heat and power units sustainable power generation and storage. The pilot project is a groundbreaking example of how small and medium-sized enterprises can autonomously generate, store and use "green" energy.

The aim of Digital Energy Solutions and Spanner Re² is primarily to combine the provision of network services with the optimization of the total energy consumption of Spanner Re² and make it more sustainable. Digital Energy Solutions has been analyzing Spanner Re²'s internal energy consumption through real-time visualization since 2016.

In 2017, a system was put into operation to ensure sustainable self-generated electricity. It features a 62 kWp photovoltaic system and a Re² EnergyBlock - a turnkey wood-power system with 45 kWel. The system optimizes Spanner Re²’s own electricity consumption via a battery storage with 280 kW and integrated load peak capping.

The necessary control algorithms were jointly developed and implemented through cooperation with Viessmann as the project partner. All units are connected and controlled by the Energy Monitor developed by Digital Energy Solutions. The Energy Monitor is a software solution that companies use for transparency and monitoring of energy production and consumption. The overall system installed at Spanner Re² also ensures island capacity for time intervals and ensures the company's energy self-sufficiency. This island operation has already been successfully tested, so that the power supply can be maintained in case of power failure.

Ulrich Schmack, Managing Director of Digital Energy Solutions GmbH & Co. KG (2017): "The project is a great success on the way to sustainable energy through the management of storage facilities. This is confirmed by the early approval by the network operator Bayernwerk - even before official recommendations for action were formulated and published by the Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry (BDEW). We clearly see ourselves as pioneers in this area and want to fulfill this role in the future as well. Digital Energy Solutions manages entire systems in such a way that the customer achieves the optimum of revenues through network services and cost savings through self-consumption optimization. "

In 2018, Digital Energy Solutions will accelerate the integration of charging stations into intelligent load management and the integration of electromobility solutions into the overall project. This allows Digital Energy Solutions to take its customer Spanner Re² one step closer in the direction of sector coupling, the connection of electricity, heat and mobility in a complete electrical system.

Bernhard Seiler, Head of Overall Systems at Spanner Re² GmbH: "The project represents a decisive step towards more self-sufficiency in energy supply. Such concepts can significantly improve security of supply, especially in regions with a sensitive energy infrastructure, for example in rural areas where we significantly reduce the risk of undersupply. "

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