Term of the wood power plants

Large cogeneration project in Japan is expanded by 20 Spanner Re² systems 

Since the beginning of 2019, only ten, then twenty wood gasifiers from Spanner Re² GmbH including peripherals with above-average plant runtimes have been in operation. By the end of this year, the customer will install additional wood gasifiers with an electrical output of 1 MW. 

By the end of this year, the customer had expanded his Holz-Kraft cascade by another 20 systems from Spanner Re². With a total output of 2 megawatts electrical and over 4.4 megawatts thermal, it is the largest international project for Spanner Re² to date. "With our technology, the operator generates energy in a decentralized and CO2-neutral manner from biomass - a sustainable energy solution that can be used worldwide," explains Thomas Bleul, Managing Director of Spanner Re2 GmbH. "As a medium-sized company, we are particularly proud to implement a project of this size, because we have stood for 'making renewable energies competitive' for over ten years," continues Bleul.

Caption: Term of the wood power plants from Spanner Re² installed in Japan since commissioning in 2019. Source: Spanner Re² GmbH

Here you can download the complete press release for the large cogeneration project in Japan