The world consumes 37.303 million barrels of oil as of the year 2020, equivalent to 102,2 million barrels per day.
Global oil consumption per capita is about 4,7 barrels of oil (148 gallons) per person yearly (based on the 2021 world population of 7,911,605,500 people) or 0.4 gallons per capita per day.
Consumption will grow to more than 110 million barrels a day in 2040 and finally to more than 120 million barrels in 2050. Currently (as of August 2021) 171 cubic meters or 1075 barrels of crude oil are consumed per second, for the most part by burning it.

The oil tankers on the high sea
Image: Oil tankers on the high seas

How much oil can a supertanker carry?

Large supertankers can carry over 2 million barrels (320 million litres) of crude oil. The biggest supertanker is 458 metres long and 68 metres wide Per day we are using around 50 supertanker just oil.