Holzgas-Kraftwerk von Spanner Re²

With the new biomass power plant "HKA 600", Spanner Re² has developed a biomass power plant, which is aimed at the high capacity range and provides electricity & heat from wood or waste wood around the clock. With about 600 kWel and 1.2 MWth it is the ideal energy solution for all those who need a lot of energy all year round and want to generate it efficiently and environmentally friendly at the same time.

With a biomass power plant HKA 600 you can rely on proven sustainability - on a large scale. The flexible energy system is CO2-neutral and unlike fossil energy production, all the energy produced remains in the local area in which it is produced. Only local wood is used as the energy source for the generation of electricity and heat.

Different from other CHP technologies, which are based on the combustion of biomass and require a working medium such as thermal oil in the ORC process. A wood-fired power plant does not need an intermediate medium, which reduces the plant process to the essentials and saves costs.

The HKA 600 offers you maximum failure protection. The power supply can also be modified according to your demand.

Spanner Re² has been active in the field of biomass power generation for over 10 years. This long-term know-how is reflected in the reliable wood gas technology, which is particularly evident in the continuously high plant availability - which we can prove by means of annual efficiency statements.

HKA 600 – the environmentally friendly biomass power plant in the overview:

  • Biomass power plant based on wood gas
  • As a full-service provider in the field of electricity and heat generation from wood, we provide you with a complete turnkey solution for your wood-fired combined heat and power project: from feeding systems, conveyors to patented wood gasification technology
  • 24//7- energy generation
  • Variable power adaptation
  • Can be fueled with wood chips, pellets and briquettes
  • CO2- neutral
  • Value creation remains in the region
  • Quick startup
  • Long-term knowhow
  • Proven technology

Who benefits most from the biomass power plant HKA 600?

Using wood chips for clean energy production

Wood fuels, with which our customers reach over 8,000 operating hours per year with our patented wood gasification technology (see picture).

using wood chips for energy production by wood gasifier
Get more information on fuel for biomass power plants from Spanner Re².

Technical data of biomass power plant HKA 600:

Biomass power plant - large scale gasifier HKA 600
Electrical power 600 kWel
Heat power 1.2 MWth
Natural wood
Max. water content < 13%
Max. fines (< 4 mm grain size) 30%
Wood chip consumption* 0,8 kg/kWhel
Flow temperature 85°C
Return temperature 65°C
*Depending on the quality of the wood chips. Technical data: 03/2018. We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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