With our reliable technology, even larger CHP modules with an electrical output of 500 kW to 2 MW can be operated with wood gas. The patented wood gasifiers can be combined with any CHP from any manufacturer, which makes the project planning flexible.

In addition, unlike other CHP technologies based on biomass combustion, our wood power plants do not require an intermediate medium. This increases electrical efficiency and at the same time reduces the process chain to the essentials.

With a wood power plant you can rely on proven sustainability - on a large scale. The flexible energy system is CO2-neutral and unlike fossil energy production, all the energy produced remains in the local area in which it is produced. Only local wood is used as the energy source for the generation of electricity and heat.

Overview of wood power plants:

  • Scalable from 500 kWel to 2 MWel
    Our wood power plants are the ideal solution when you need climate-friendly power generation on a larger scale. With our scalable system, you will achieve an electrical output of 500 kW to 2 MW - all based on wood gas. This is produced by our proven wood gasifiers and converted into electricity and heat by large CHP units.

  • Combine our plant with any wood gas CHP unit
    With our wood power plants you are not restricted to a specific CHP manufacturer, because our wood gasifiers can be combined with any CHP.

  • Wood power plants do not require an intermediate medium
    Different from other CHP technologies, which are based on the combustion of biomass and require a working medium such as thermal oil in the ORC process. A wood power plant does not need an intermediate medium.

  • Higher efficiency
    The combination of patented wood-power technology and high-performance large-scale CHP makes the system particularly efficient, which is also reflected in an increase in efficiency of around 6 percent compared to the medium power segment.

  • Lean system components
    Our wood power plants are designed in such a way that the plant components are slimmed down compared to individual systems, which significantly reduces investment and operating costs.

  • Complete turnkey solution 
    As a full-service provider in the field of electricity and heat generation from wood, we provide you with a complete turnkey solution for your wood-based combined heat and power project: from feeding systems, conveyors, patented wood-power-technology to tailor made connection at your location - we provide you with everything from a single supplier.

  • Guarantee of at least 7,600 operation hours per year
    Our wood-fired power plants are proven and technically mature. We guarantee operation of at least 7,600 operating hours per year and can prove this.

  • All-round package
    We have various maintenance contract models in our portfolio for you, such as our all-round package, which includes a comprehensive full maintenance service.

  • Default insurance
    Optionally we also offer you default insurance.

  • Available after 6 months
    Already 6 months after technical clarification, our wood power plant can be delivered ready to use. With our environmentally friendly energy solution, we offer you a well thought-out overall concept, that can be implemented quickly and is easy to install on site.

  • We are leading manufacturer of Biomass CHP
    With our patented wood-power-technology we have a global wealth of experience with more than 20,000,000 operating hours. We consistently develop our proven technology further. Our focus is on providing you with energy solutions that are optimally tailored to your needs - from the smallest system to the largest megawatt project.

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Information about the fuel wood...
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Fuels with which our customers reach over 8,000 operating hours per year.