horandner 500pxWood gasifier reaches 50,000 operating hours

Many people were skeptical when Wolfgang Hörandner, one of the first in Upper Austria, opted for a Biomass CHP. However, the pioneering decision was not regretted by Hörandner.

Wood chips generate 3.4 million kWh of heat and 1.3 million kWh of electricity


He has impressively generated more than 3.4 million kilowatt hours of heat and 1.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity between 2010 and 2016 thanks to his 30 kW Biomass CHP from Spanner Re² GmbH.


And one thing is certain: the patented wood-strength technology has more than proven itself. The heat-driven plant had an operating time of almost 50,000 hours at the beginning of 2017, which corresponds to an average annual life of over 7,000 hours.

Heat 100 % used, electricity from wood gasifier fed into the grid

"We use our environmentally friendly heat to 100 percent," says the farmer. The heat is cleverly used for drying cereals, herbs, corn, wood and apple pomace, and in the cold season its used to heat two detached houses, a pool house and part of the stables for the dairy cows. The generated electricity supplies Hörander’s farm, then the remaining power is fed into the public electricity grid providing Hörander with a remunerated income. 80% of the wood fuel to run the Spanner Re2 wood power plant comes from the Hörandner family’ss own forest. The remaining 20 percent is purchased and then hacked fresh.

The wood chips have a water content of between ten and twelve percent in the bunker, which has a volume of around 50 cubic meters - "this is very important for smooth operation," explains Hörandner. "Of course, we also use the heat right away for drying our wood chips, but I also refine firewood, which I then sell". In addition to the low water content, care is also taken to ensure that the quality of the wood chips is correct: "Impurities such as earth or stones do not like the 'hot Resi'-as Wolfgang Hörandner lovingly christened his plant. Producing sustainable energy sustainably with a regional fuel is still a trend-setting strategy for me", says Hörandner.