EnergyBlock Re²

Since 2020, two Spanner Re² wood gasifiers in Neudau, Austria, have been supplying a local heating network from Green Energy Bio Wärme with environmentally friendly heat and green electricity. This is because the plant from Spanner Re² is based on the principle of cogeneration, i.e. unlike a classic boiler, the wood-fired power plants from Re² not only generate heat, but also electricity.



EnergyBlock from Re² - a decentralised energy concept using wood gas

The EnergyBlock uses regional fuel resources to generate combined heat and power generation with  even more ease. The sophisticated system from Spanner Re² includes a wood gasification unit, a combined heat and power unit and an intelligent control system. Perfectly matched to each other, all components are housed in a 20-foot container and pre-installed at the factory. This allows for a particularly fast commissioning. In addition, the energy solution in the container is particularly flexible in terms of installation options and output range. In Neudau, two Re² EnergyBlocks including a fully automatic fuel dryer have been in operation since last summer. The output of the two plants is around 100 kW electric and 200 kW thermal. Green Energy Bio Wärme covers the base load of its local heating network with the two wood gasification units. At peak times, an existing biomass boiler is also integrated.

Around 100 heating customers are supplied with climate-friendly wood energy via the 6,000-metre-long local heating network. The regeneratively generated electricity is fed into the public grid and remunerated by the state. The amount of electricity fed into the grid each year is equivalent to the annual demand of about 150 single-family homes.

Wood from the region

The wood chips used in the energy plants are sourced exclusively from the region. This makes the energy concept particularly sustainable and also strengthens the value of regional fuel and the economy. The woodchips are dried in Re²'s fully automatic fuel dryer and fed into the plant as needed.

green energy bio waerme bunker

Customer operates and plans local heating networks (Winter Planungsbüro GmbH)

Eduard Winter, managing director of Green Energy Bio Wärme, is an expert in the field of sustainable local heating networks: As an operator of local heating networks and planner (Winter Planungsbüro GmbH based in Neudau), Eduard Winter has many years of know-how, combining both planning expertise and a wealth of practical experience.

Winter Planungsbüro GmbH
Lobenfeldstrasse9, 8292 Neudau, Germany
Phone.: +43 699 18 12 7000
e-Mail: office@​


Detailed information on the biomass power plant reference:

  •     Plants: 2 x Energy Block with the wood-fired power plant "HKA 49"
  •     Capacity of each plant: 49 kWel and 102 kWth
  •     Commissioning: summer 2020
  •     Wood chip consumption: approx. 3,500 m³ per year
  •     Wood chip source: Neudau catchment area
  •     Dryer: Fully automated push floor dryer from Re²