First Nations in Kwadacha operate Biomass CHP power plant with wood chipsFirst Nations operate Biomass CHP power plant with wood chips

In April 2017, the first Re² EnergyBlock with a triple wood-fired power plant was commissioned. This is located in the Canadian municipality of Kwadacha - a small village with 300 inhabitants. The Canadian community of Kwadacha is not connected to the public power grid. Until recently, the electricity was generated exclusively by diesel generators.

Generating energy from dead wood through beetle infestation

With the EnergyBlock, power and heat generation is now climate-friendly. The EnergyBlock is operated exclusively with deadwood from the region. Due to climate-induced changes, the beetle infestation has risen sharply. This dead wood is now used to generate electricity and heat, which supplies the households, the local school, a community and guest house as well as four greenhouses.

Operation of turnkey Biomass CHP plant creates jobs

The new energy concept has also created jobs: to manage the greenhouses, which no longer require food supplies from the town of Prince George 400 km away, as well as to manage the EnergyBlock and to process the wood chips.

Off-grid and energy self-sufficient: First Nations benefit from EnergyBlock

The EnergyBlock, as an off-grid variant, is an excellent solution for the inhabitants of Kwadacha to live "energy self-sufficiently" independent of an existing electricity grid.