landhotel stemp01"We rely on the duo Spanner Re² and HDG for our wellness hotel. Since then we have not only been self-sufficient and independent of oil and gas speculation, but also, as the saying goes, sustainable," says Herbert Stemp, Managing Director of "Das Stemp****S Wellnessresort".

The unmistakable hospitality on offer at the "Das Stemp****S Wellnessresort" has a long tradition. The team led by Christine and Herbert Stemp, and their children Katharina, Corinna and Maria, welcomes visitors based on the motto of “Only the best for our guests!”. At this property, guests can enjoy BBQ evenings, and bring Bavarian pub culture to life eating suckling pig and hearty Brotzeit snacks. It is also perfectly equipped for groups, providing ideal accommodation for tour groups, club excursions and trail riders.

zitzelsbergerBiomass CHP plant in hotel industry provides a second source of income

Hotel Zitzelsberger is situated in a gorgeous location on the outskirts of town in Germany, nestled between meadows and forests – ideal for escaping everyday stress. It’s a place where guests can fully relax and harmonise their mind, body and soul. 

johann pfluegler portraitElectricity & heat from wood gasifier for hop farmer

HKA 30 Biomass CHP was put into operation in August 2010 on the agricultural holding of Josef Pflügler.

Since then, the combination of wood gasifier and CHP has been supplying heat to the large residential building, a local heat network for 6 family homes, two sloping floor drying systems as well as a hop drying system.

piendl portaitWood gasifier supplies calf barn with energy

The agricultural enterprise in Etzenbach near Neufahrn/NB has been generating electricity and heat since December 2011 for the residential building, the calves stable, the workshop and a total of four drying systems for hay and wood chips.

Annual plant availability of the wood gasifier of 98%.


betreiber metz portraitEnergy from wood gasifier for hop farmer

The HKA 30 Biomass CHP was put into operation in August 2011 on the agricultural holding of Franz-Xaver Metz.

The Biomass CHP supplies heat energy to the large multi-family home, a workshop, two sloping floor drying systems, a hop drying conveyor and a pool. In addition to the Metz family, the residential building accepts up to 15 staff members over the entire year.

Landwirt Huber erzeugt aus Straßenbegleitgrün Strom und WärmeFarmer Johann Huber generates energy from roadside greenery. North of Landshut (DE) is located Johann Huber's agricultural company. The woodchip heating system installed, there was no longer able to cover the heat demand from 2011. Since Huber cultivates roadside greenery for the community and can thus use this raw material, the new heating system should be used again with wood chips. Huber has a special interest generating electricity from wood. So he installed a wood gasifier from Spanner Re².

Repowering of the wood gas CHP from 30 to 55 kWel

Due to an increasing energy demand Huber replaced his old wood gas CHP with a new one in 2018, increasing its plant output by up to 50 %.