betreiber metz portraitEnergy from wood gasifier for hop farmer

The HKA 30 Biomass CHP was put into operation in August 2011 on the agricultural holding of Franz-Xaver Metz.

The Biomass CHP supplies heat energy to the large multi-family home, a workshop, two sloping floor drying systems, a hop drying conveyor and a pool. In addition to the Metz family, the residential building accepts up to 15 staff members over the entire year.

In exceptional cases, for example, in case of a large maintenance on the wood cogeneration plant, a wood chip heating system is available to cover the heat requirements.

Reliable plant availability of the wood gasifier

With a plant availability of up to 94 % each year, the HKA 30 reliably covers the base load of the heat requirement. The generated electrical energy is entirely fed into the public electricity grid.

Drying biomass via sloping floor drying systems

About half of the wood chips required for the operation of the Biomass CHP as well as the wood chip heating system are covered by his own forestry business and the other half is purchased when still moist. The wood chips are dried with the heat of the HKA 30 on two sloping floor drying systems. A DIY-screen inside the conveyor tunnel as well as a strong magnet inside the cover of the conveying system ensure a high quality of the wood chips.

Plant schematic 1

anlagenschema metz 1

Plant schematic 2

anlagenschema 2 franz xaver metz

Key data on the energy concept:

Hopper for dry wood chips: 40 m³
Storage depot for buffering larger amounts of wet and dry wood chips: unlimited
Drying volume of the sloping floor drying 1: 15 m³
Drying volume of the sloping floor drying 2: 15 m³
Drying volume of the hop conveyor dryer: approx. 2.500 kg/day

The Biomass CHP is directly supplied with wood chips by the adjacent storage hopper.

Conversation about the wood gasifer plant operator Franz-Xaver Metz:

Hello Franz, your Spanner Re² Biomass CHP generates electricity and heat from wood chips. How much energy exactly does your HKA 30 generate?
The plant basically generates the specified output of 30 kW of electrical as well as 73 kW thermal energy.

Franz, you received your plant in August 2011. How many operating hours have you achieved since then?
The machine has operated for about 38,000 hours. The first 3 months were more difficult for me due to inexperience; after that we already achieved good operating hours.

How much time do you spend for maintenance work each week on your Biomass CHP?
The plant often operates for a week without any faults. We expect maintenance work of about 1 to 1.5 hours. Major but less frequent work such as oil changes or problems due to contaminations in the fuel may take up to 3 hours.

What were the operating hours, for example, in 2015?
Last year, I was able to supply the public electricity grid for 8,200 hours.

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