johann pfluegler portraitElectricity & heat from wood gasifier for hop farmer

HKA 30 Biomass CHP was put into operation in August 2010 on the agricultural holding of Josef Pflügler.

Since then, the combination of wood gasifier and CHP has been supplying heat to the large residential building, a local heat network for 6 family homes, two sloping floor drying systems as well as a hop drying system.


During the winter months, a wood chip heating system covers the peak requirements of the local heat network.

Sensational plant availability of the wood gasifier

With a plant availability of up to 96 % each year, the HKA 30 reliably covers the base load of the heat requirements. The generated electrical energy is fed entirely into the public electricity grid.

Wood chips are processed by means of sloping floor drying systems

The wood chips required for the operation of the wood cogeneration plant and the wood chip heating system are purchased from regional suppliers and still moist. The wood chips are dried with the heat of the HKA 30 on two sloping floor drying systems.

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Key data on the energy concept:

  • Hopper for dry wood chips: 20 m³
  • Storage depot for buffering larger amounts of wet and dry wood chips: unlimited
  • Drying volume of the sloping floor drying: 1: 18 m³
  • Drying volume of the sloping floor drying 2: 9.5 m³
  • Hop drying: 3 layers with 11 m³ each
  • The Biomass CHP is directly supplied with wood chips from the adjacent storage hopper.


Wood gasifier data:

  • Total thermal energy: 73 kWth Electrical energy: 30 kWel
  • Operating hours 2015: 8,400 hours
  • Total operating hours: 47,000 hours
  • Maintenance per week: 0 to 1 hour

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