Georg Hofer 01 grossBiomass CHP usage is an ideal enhancement for woodworking establishments, since woodchips (used as fuel) are available in-house at low cost as a result of residual timber. Georg Hofer and his five staff produce solid-wood parquet flooring in the district of Landshut. He has been using a biomass CHP with an output of 30 kWel and 80 kWth since November 2009. The heat obtained is then used to dry the wood and heat the factory and Mr Hofer’s home.

The resulting electricity is fed into the public grid, and remuneration paid in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

Woodchip drying:

The waste heat from the biomass CHP is extracted through fans and blown through the woodchips from the bottom up in the chamber above.

Detailed information:

  • System: Spanner HKA 30 biomass CHP
  • Output: 30 kWel and 80 kWth
  • Start-up: November 2009
  • Annual operation: 8,000 operating hours
  • Woodchip consumption: 800 cubic metres per year
  • Woodchip source: In-house production

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