Muenzinghof10Wood gasifier supplies community with electricity and heat

140 people live and work in the Münzinghof village community. Around half of these have a physical or intellectual disability. The aim is to provide these fellow residents with a familiar community, to work with them, and to help them develop at a personal level. The village consists of residential homes which operate based on sustainable principles. Businesses include a nursery, dairy farming, a cheese dairy, a bakery, and woodworking and metalworking shops.

Energy supply via local heating network

Most of these buildings are connected by a local district heating networks supplied by a biomass CHP. There is also a woodchip heating facility, and some buildings are still oil-heated. The aim is for all buildings to be supplied with hot water through the local district heating network over the long term.

The electricity produced by the Biomass CHP is fed into the public pipe network.

Drying wood chips with exhaust heat from the wood gasifier

The wood chips are dried using the exhaust heat from the wood gasifier in a sloping floor dryer. The sloping floor is located directly above the Biomass CHP. The exhaust heat is extracted through a fan and fed into the wood chips from the bottom up.

Key data on the energy concept with wood:

  • System: Spanner HKA 30 biomass CHP
  • Output: 30 kWel and 80 kWth
  • Start-up: December 2011
  • The woodchips are purchased from farmers from the immediate surrounds

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