mg 1040"We've always used wood for heating. And now, using the same raw material to generate electricity for our company is great for us. The warehouse was already there anyway", Peter Oberbacher.

Family Oberbacher lives in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. Their family has been there over 500 years working an agricultural holding that was once powered by a “Göpel” with oxen drive it. Today a different type of power runs the farm: the compact Re² CHP-construction “HKA 10”. Since 2016, the saw mill, a residential building with integrated maintenance area and the remaining machines and facilities are reliably powered by heat and electricity produced by HKA 10.

Wood chips for wood gasifier from own forest

The Oberbacher family owns an 8 hectare forest are of the “Stockerhof” to cultivate in the secondary market, which provides them with the raw material of wood to run their CHP unit. Their barn houses the stocked wood chips and the conveyor system directly to the HKA 10. A specially made wood chip dryer was integrated into the delivered stocking- and holding system. The Spanner Re² fine parts sieve sorts the chips shortly before the feeding into the wood chips sluice.

Wood gasifier unit and CHP in "HKA 10" in one housing

Since installation the HKA 10 has performed a solid and reliable service and has achieved over 8,500 operating hours. About 20,000 kWh electricity is being used every year by the farm and about 35,000 kWh can still be supplied into the power network per year. The system is particularly compact, because the wood gasification unit and the CHP unit are housed in one housing, which makes the system particularly space-saving.

Technical data of wood gasifier reference:

  • Construction: Biomass CHP “HKA 10”
  • Performance: 9 kWel and 22 kWth
  • Start-up: 2016

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