robert christl 500pxRobert Christl runs a sawmill north west of Landshut, in Weihmichl. To meet the huge electricity and heat demands of his sawmill Robert Christl installed a Biomass CHP from Re² in 2014. Even although his energy demands are high his costs are minimal because he uses all the waste wood products that accrue from wood processing at the sawmill as fuel for the CPH.

Repowering of wood gas CHP engine to 3,000 rpm

Since 2017, the wood gas CHP's 5.7 L engine has been running at 3,000 rpm - and very successfully. In February the engine already reached over 20,000 operating hours.


Wood gasifier runs 8,4000 hours in 2016

Since installing the HKA 45 in 2014 it has reached approximately 23,000 operating hours by July 2017. In 2016 the Biomass CHP displayed exceptional an operational performance of 8,400 hours, that´s 96-% annual utilization.

Residual wood from sawmill operations makes the company almost energy self-sufficient

Sawmill Christl´s use of self-made wood chips makes an independent power supply possible and cost effective because of the free wood that is used as fuel.

The chopped wood residues is dried with the heat energy of the HKA 45. The high quality wood chips can then be sieved and delivered into the wood gasifier.

The HKA 45 supplies heat and electricity to 3 drying chambers, the commercial building as well as the residential house.

  Video: Concept of the sawmill factory Robert Christl:

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