referenzbild 500px Sawmill reduces energy costs with wood gasifier

Since 2014 the electrical power and the heat demand of Mr. Hagedorns sawmill gets produced by a Biomass CHP HKA 45. The Hagedorn Sawmill in North Rhine-Westphalia has six drying chambers with 400 m³ of a sawn wood that is brought to use wet. The electric and thermal energy that is necessary to run the sawmill is vast. With that in mind, family Hagedorn has been thinking about producing energy out of their accruing wood chips for quite a long time.


 Wood gasifier references from Spanner Re² convince

When shown numerous references of how efficient and cost-effective Biomass CHP is, Hagedorn Sawmill choose to install an Re² HKA 45 unit

Generate additional electricity revenue with CHP power plant

With the investment the Sawmill produces a consistent source of electricity and heat. This doesn´t only save on the cost off electricity, but also generates a legal support of 5.4 Cent/kWh in. With a rated power of 45 kWel and 108 kWth as well as approximately 8,000 operating hours per year, the result is a 5-digit euro sum of money.

Remote access to CHP power plant via Smartphone

Kevin Hagedorn operates the HKA 45 and can easily control and regulate the process from a distance with his smartphone. “I need to access rarely, but always refill it. 350 hours was the longest non-interrupted operating time until now” says director Hubert Hagedorn. “For the service of the HKA 45 we invest less than 8 hours per month – for filter change, motor oil change and spark plug change.

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Technical data of wood gasifier reference:

  • Construction: Biomass CHP “HKA 45”
  • Performance: 45 kWel und 102,2 kWth
  • Start-up: 2014