Landwirt Huber erzeugt aus Straßenbegleitgrün Strom und WärmeFarmer Johann Huber generates energy from roadside greenery. North of Landshut (DE) is located Johann Huber's agricultural company. The woodchip heating system installed, there was no longer able to cover the heat demand from 2011. Since Huber cultivates roadside greenery for the community and can thus use this raw material, the new heating system should be used again with wood chips. Huber has a special interest generating electricity from wood. So he installed a wood gasifier from Spanner Re².

Repowering of the wood gas CHP from 30 to 55 kWel

Due to an increasing energy demand Huber replaced his old wood gas CHP with a new one in 2018, increasing its plant output by up to 50 %.

Wood gasification plant runs 98.4 % per year

From beginning, Johann Huber's wood gasifier shone with running times of around 8,000 hours a year. In 2017, for example, the wood-fired power plant achieved over 8,620 operation hours. The annual load factor is thus 98.4 %.

Wood chips for wood gasifier from residual wood beside the street

Even more impressive is the simple production of Huber's wood chips. For the screening of the raw material, a simple drum screen is used, which was self-made from slurry barrels. Fine and long parts are sifted from the chopped roadside green materials and used for other purposes. He receives the roadside greenery free of charge by maintaining strips of greenery beside the street, which he carries out for the community. The wood chips are dried in a converted loader wagon. The wood-fired power plant produces the heat and the electricity for wood chip drying virtually by the way. Johann Huber supplies his entire agricultural business with electricity and heat with his wood gasifier “HKA 30”, his generous parents' house and a beer garden, the "Huberwirt", which is popular throughout the district of Landshut.

Huber to upgrade from 30 kWel to 55 kWel with a new wood gas CHP plant in 2018

Johann Huber's tarif contract permits a higher feed-in of 55 kW. In 2018 Huber replaced his old wood gas CHP unit with a new one from Spanner Re². The new combined heat and power plant runs at 3,000 rpm and has an output of up to 55 kWel. Slight modifications of the HKA 30 wood gasifier allow an adapted gas supply to the CHP. 

The existing switch cabinet of the wood gasifier and the new CHP switch cabinet were moved to a newly constructed room. The switch cabinets are now better protected against dust and thermal influences. In addition, a new electricity connection and a new electricity meter were installed, which will enable a higher feed-in of 55 kW into the public electricity grid.

Contract drying lucratively expanded by increasing the performance of the wood gasifier

In the course of repowering, Huber converted a second wagon dryer system to wood chip drying and increased the previous drying capacity from 12 m³ to 15 m³. In the newly built hall, the dry and moist wood chips can be stored and processed more efficiently. Johann Huber is now able to pre-dry large quantities of wood chips and achieves an even more effective wood chip economy.

waste discharger

At our customer Johann Huber, a waste discharger was installed in 2017. So far every 6 weeks the reformer had to be cleaned of impurities. Shortly thereafter, Hr.Huber no longer had to clean the reformer.