diemelstadt nahwärmenetzCO2-neutral energy supply for Diemelstadt

A fire in 2015 led to the relocation of the wood power plant from Warburg to Diemelstadt. The operator Hubertus Wiemers sees his mission in the CO2-neutral generation of electricity and heat using wood gas technology from Spanner Re² GmbH. Diemelstadt has set itself the task of climate protection and would like to make an active contribution to this by means of renewable energies.


Energy supply with the multiple system:
Four Spanner Re² wood gasification systems together generate around 400 kW of thermal power. Four 100,000 liter buffer storage tanks are used for heat storage. A CHP that has been converted to gas operation generates around 250 kW of electrical power from wood gas from the four Re² gasifiers. This covers the annual electrical requirements of the Rhoden district with around 2000 inhabitants. For this purpose, the electricity generated is fed into the EWF electricity network as green electricity.

diemelstadt holz kraft anlage
Image: 3 HKA70 and one HKA45 from Spanner Re² GmbH

Der Brennstoff:
The four wood gasifiers are supplied with regional forest wood chips and wood chips from
partly accruing construction wood.

The wood drying:
The wood chips are dried using a push floor dryer, which uses the thermal energy of the wood power plant. It is dried "on the fly" depending on the requirements. Only a small intermediate bunker buffers between the wood-power plant and the push-floor dryer.

diemelstadt wiemers

Image: Plant operator Mr. Wiemers