Commune kawaba and forest community gunma operates energyblock from spanner Re²Turnkey energy solution generates electricity & heat in Japan

In the spring of 2017, the EnergyBlock - our turnkey complete solution - was put into operation by the Japanese community of Kawaba and the Gunma forestry community. The output of the wood-fired power plant, which is located in a 40-foot container, is 45 kW electric and 102 kW thermal. 


Electricity for customers from Tokyo, heat for drying wood and greenhouse

The regeneratively generated electricity is sold to private customers in Tokyo and fed into the public grid for a fee. Customers successfully fed the first electricity into the grid on 9 March 2017. The heat generated is used for wood drying and for a greenhouse in Kawaba. With the turnkey complete solution from Spanner Re² GmbH, the added value remains entirely in the region. The municipality of Kawaba founded the company "Woodvillage Kawaba", which takes over the operation of the plant. In addition, only natural wood from local forest management is used as fuel.

"Kawaba is 83 percent wooded. With this initiative, we want to promote the development of our community and show a model for the further development of Japan,"says Mayor Kyotaro Toyama.