piendl portaitMegawatt power plant for growing tomatoes

The wood-based CHP plant with 2 MW electric is located in Azumino, Japan. Particularly innovative: the Japanese large group Air Water Inc. generates electricity and heat from regional wood in the specially built biomass energy center Azumino with the CHP systems from Spanner Re² and uses CO2 by means of a special process to promote photosynthesis in tomato cultivation - a so-called " Trigenereration ”concept, which is unique in this form in Japan.

The customer receives payment for electricity and supplies his greenhouses with heat

In Japan, there is a state FIT system (remuneration system for renewable energies) that is also used by the large Japanese corporation for electricity generated from renewable sources, which is fed into the public grid. The customer produces around 15.6 million kilowatt hours of electricity and around 35 million kilowatt hours of heat annually with the environmentally friendly energy system from Spanner Re². With the remuneration system, the customer has another fixed source of income. The Azumino biomass energy center supplies the group's greenhouses with the heat generated - a particularly environmentally friendly concept because it saves fossil fuels and at the same time increases regional added value.

Innovative use of CO2 for growing tomatoes

It is also particularly sustainable that not only heat and electricity are generated regeneratively, but also that the CO2 present in exhaust is used in tomato cultivation via a special cleaning process, which has a positive effect on the photosynthesis processes of the tomato plants. This “trigeneration” concept is unique in Japan. “The project in Azumino is more than exemplary for us as a manufacturer of biomass-based CHP systems. It shows how sustainable and at the same time economically innovative energy concepts can be with a proven technology. We would like to thank our customer for the good and cooperative partnership ”, says Matthias von Senfft, International Sales Manager at Spanner Re².

Video: Air Water Inc. wood-power-plant