repowering with engine upgrade based on wood gasSince 2014, a large power plant with 10 units rated at 45 kWel each has been in operation in Jaunjelgava, Latvia. The energy system consists of wood gasifiers and wood gas CHP units, which are connected in a cascade. In 2018, the 5.7-litre CHP engines were converted from 1,500 rpm to 3,000 rpm. This enables an increase output from 45 to 54 kWel to be achieved.  




Wood gas CHP units run at 3,000 rpm

The wood gas CHP engines were upgraded to 3,000 rpm in 2018 by setting the appropriate parameters. It is not necessary to replace the existing motors. This means that no structural measures are required. As before the upgrade, the systems can be operated in parallel or simultaneously - depending on power requirements. The large-scale power plant based on wood gas has a total output of around 0.5 MWel and 1.2 MWth.

Engine upgrade increases output of the wood gas CHP by up to 20 %

The adaptation allows an increase in performance of up to 20 %. The Latvian company uses the heat it produces itself to supply a local heating network. An upgrade to 3,000 rpm is particularly beneficial due to good heat sales prices and a low wood chip price/purchase value.