Organic farming JS Baird & Sons

Wood energy in organic farming

Like many farms JS Baird & Sons use a considerable amount of electricity and also require a reliable source of heat. Based in Angus, Scotland, JS Baird & Sons operate a mixed farm including arable, organic sheep and cattle, chickens, organic hens and various renewable technologies. Always looking for the most environmentally responsible option, JS Baird & Sons became interested in Biomass CHP technology to generate electricity and heat for their farm.

"When I first became aware of Biomass CHP technology, widespread manufacture was limited and Re2 were the only company who had produced multiple units at the time," said Diarmid Baird. "When I approached Re2 they had already produced over 400 units. None of the other available solutions on the market had the heritage, experience or reliability of Re2."

Reduce energy costs for hen houses with wood chips

After installing the Re2 Biomass CHP unit JS Baird and Sons were very impressed with the results they have experienced so far. The heat is used in their broiler chicken shed and their grain drying floor to dry 500 tons of grain during harvest and when it's not drying grain it dries wood chip the rest of the time. The electricity is used in all the farm buildings, residential houses, grain drying fans and chicken shed; the surplus energy is exported to the grid.

"My farm electricity bill has completely disappeared. It allows me to operate my chicken broiler shed in optimal conditions including winter time and I can now dry grain faster and at virtually no extra cost avoiding the use of fossil fuels," said Diarmid Baird.

Video on the energy concept of the Spanner Re² customer Dairmid Baird:
Organic farmer benefits from wood-based cogeneration plant (Please click to play)

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Photos of the plant: (Click on the photos to magnify)