piendl portraitWood gasifier supplies calf barn with energy

The agricultural enterprise in Etzenbach near Neufahrn/NB has been generating electricity and heat since December 2011 for the residential building, the calves stable, the workshop and a total of four drying systems for hay and wood chips.

Annual plant availability of the wood gasifier of 98%.


The HKA 30 Biomass CHP has an output of 30 kWel. Herbert Kiendl can boast an average plant availability of about 98 % per year.

Wood chips from the region

Half of the wood for the production of wood chips come from his own farming and half from the purchase of still moist, cheap wood chips from the region. Herbert Kiendl dries the wood chips using a drying trailer and a sloping floor drying system. The sloping floor drying system is automatically supplied with heat as soon as excess heat is available.

Plant schematic:

plant schematic kiendl

Key data on the energy concept:

Storage hopper for moist wood chips: 200 m³
Hopper for dry wood chips: 30 m³
Storage depot for buffering larger amounts of dry wood chips: unlimited
Drying volume of the sloping floor drying 12 m³
Drying volume of the trailer drying: 10 m³
Drying volume of the hay drying: 10 or 20 hay bales

Modular design of wood gasifier makes installation flexible

The Biomass CHP is located in a large, well ventilated room and is supplied with wood chips directly from the adjacent hopper. The room air can be used to support the trailer drying, if necessary. The ash discharge takes place in an adjacent room in an ash container from Spanner Re² GmbH.

Technical data of wood gasifier reference:

Total thermal energy: 73 kWth
Electrical energy: 30 kWel
Operating hours 2015: 8,560 hours
Total operating hours: 32,000 hours
Maintenance per week: 0 to 3 hours

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