Spanner Re² has been active in the field of wood gasification since 2006. We officially entered the market in 2008 when our first wood gasifier was put into operation. It is based on the principle of combined heat and power generation from biomass fuel.

Proven wood gas technology adapted to our customer’s requirements

Together with our customers, we have enhanced our patented technology continuously in terms of performance, comfort and efficiency and offer a comprehensive portfolio for smaller power requirements as well as for major projects of up to 2 MWel.

Take advantage of our all-inclusive jubilee package now

Within the past 10 years, Spanner Re² has produced more than 700 Biomass CHP units, amounting for more than 20,000,000 operating hours. To celebrate our milestone we would like to offer you an exclusive, all-inclusive Jubilee package.

The Jubilee package includes:

Generate revenue from residual forest wood with ease

Earn money from burning residual wood to produce electricity and heat. Because our technology does not require high-quality wood chips, even processed wood of inferior quality can be used for energy generations. To get the most efficeint operating performance from your plant the water content of the wood chips used should be approximately 10%. The wood chip drying system that is part of this package will take care of drying the chips to that perfect 10%.

Aus Waldsrestholz Energie erzeugen

Biomass CHP pays for itself

  • Receive remuneration* for the electricity fed into the public electricity grid. For example, in Germany operators can expect up to 4,300 Euros as a monthly income through EEG remuneration with full feed-in**
  • Generate additional income from the heat generated with the wood gasifier
  • Use of your own electricity is possible at any time, so you save on the purchase of electricity
  • With the wood gasifier from Spanner Re² you generate environmentally friendly energy, when you need it
  • Compared to other renewable energy sources such as solar or wind energy, you generate electricity and heat regardless of weather
  • Biomass CHP from Spanner Re² have proven themselves consistently worldwide again and again

What do you have to invest?

  • Around 2.2 cents per kilowatt hour electric material costs
  • Approx. 10 hours of working time per month for the plant operation. Maintenance work can are carried out 100% by yourself. For this purpose you will be offered trained free of charge in our “Wood-Power-Academy”
  • About 5 srm of dry wood chips per day


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* Remuneration structures are country-/region-specific.
** For 8,000 hours per year, 13.22 ct/kWhel EEG remuneration (Germany).

Our All-inclusive jubilee campaign is limited in quantity. Offer only valid while stocks last.  Internationally the All-inclusive jubilee package is only available with a HKA 49 at the conditions. Plant delivery available in spring 2019. Subject to technical and price changes, typographical errors and mistakes.